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ShutterCal Classrooms Presents:

Intro to Macro Photography I
A Month-Long Course of Weekly Lessons
Designed to Work With Your Current Equipment

There is a tiny world separate from ours that exists all around us. We sometimes glance into this world, squinting down at an ant carrying a load twice his own size or holding a flower up as close as we can to examine its smooth, granular texture and curves. If you have ever been fascinated by the incredible and sometimes frightening detail of the minute then macro photography is the perfect tool to provide long gazes into this world instead of short glances.

Macro photography allows you to focus your camera at an incredibly close distance, creating stunning images that can display your subject at sizes much larger than life. There are many ways to approach macro photography and you may be surprised to find that with the gear you already own or with only a few dollars in accesories you will create photographs that immediately stand out in your work. Over a month we will work together, sharing comments and suggestions on fellow classmates' images and discussing ways to improve our technique and our eye for the minuscule.

Class Materials & Required Equipment

I'm not going to define macro in the most technical sense of 1:1 subject size to projected size (though we will discuss this). This way, anybody who has an interest can jump in and start shooting with us. I will work with people using incredibly expensive macro lenses, lenses that simply focus closely or with anybody who's got a camera phone and a magnifying glass. I'll discuss other ways to get even closer with gear you've already got once the class starts.

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